When Bella and Edward come together, both having pasts filled with hurt and despair, what can they really expect?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chapter Four

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As I walked upstairs to my bedroom, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I grabbed it and groaned when I saw who was calling.

"Yeah?" I asked. He couldn't give me one damn afternoon. I knew it was part of the job description of being a parent, but he could give it a rest once in a while.

"Did you go?" Carlisle asked. He did this every time I had an appointment. Like I would actually tell him if I didn't go to the damn thing.

"Yeah, I dropped Alice off at home and went straight there. I'm just getting back home now," I told him as I walked in my bedroom and slammed the door behind me. Maybe if my door was shut Alice would leave me the hell alone.

"Okay, good. Esme should be home in time for dinner so don't get full on crap. She's supposed to be bringing home some take out I think," he said.

"Alright, sounds good. Talk to ya later," I told him, hanging up quickly before he could ask any questions about my appointment. It was a typical appointment. Even though I had to change doctors since moving from Chicago, the actual visit was pretty much the same.

Except the wait time. I had to spend thirty minutes in the lobby waiting to go inside. That thirty minutes allowed too much time for me to be lost in my thoughts. I immediately regretted the way I had spoken to Bella after class. Jasper was right in saying that she was just trying to be nice to me. She had never met me before and was trying to make me feel more welcome at a school where I knew no one but my sister.

The problem was that I didn't want her to be nice to me. I didn't deserve for her to be nice to me. She didn't know this though, and I knew that I needed to apologize to her at school tomorrow.

I tossed my book bag on the floor by my bed and sat down looking around the room. The boxes with all my other belongings had arrived while we were at school. It looked like after homework I was going to be spending the evening unpacking.


I parked my car in the school lot and Alice jumped out quickly. We were here extremely early, but I left the house as quick as I could this morning. I didn't want another run in with Carlisle.

He had cornered me when he got home last night and wanted all the details about my appointment. After spending an agonizing two hours in his study dissecting everything the doctor said, he finally let me walk out only to let me be bombarded by Alice. Alice begged and pleaded with me to apologize to Bella. She was afraid that I was going to ruin her budding romance with Jasper. I rolled my eyes and told her I was already planning on apologizing to her today at school. That was evidently enough for her because she left me alone for the rest of the night.

"Edward, please don't forget to do it. You promised," she said as she tossed her book bag over her shoulder and walked toward the school.

"Yeah, yeah," I said as I waved her off and made my way into the school. I was hoping that I would catch up to Bella before school started, but it didn't look like she would get here in time.

The school day passed quickly and I was finally sitting at the lab table in Advanced Biology. I didn't find myself nervous at all until now. She was just a stupid girl who I happened to be an asshole to. She wasn't the first and I was positive she wouldn't be the last. I just needed to apologize to her and make sure she knew that she needed to stay away from me.

After a few minutes every one was in class and seated. Everyone but Bella, that is. I figured she would be late like she was yesterday, but after Mr. Banner's brief description of today's lab and his movement to pass out the needed materials, I figured she wouldn't be showing up today. What kind of goody-fucking-two-shoes works on her damn mid-term on the first day of school anyway?

"Mr. Cullen, you will be doing this lab alone today. Do you think you can handle that?" Mr. Banner asked, as he handed me my materials. Figures she'd leave me alone too.

"Yeah, I'm good," I told him as I began my work.

After class, I made my way to my car hoping like hell Alice wouldn't make me wait all afternoon. I didn't have an appointment today, but that didn't mean I wasn't ready to leave this hell hole. My day had been shitty since Bella hadn't shown up in class. Turned out she did that shit often. She had the teachers here wrapped around her little finger and she was able to skip class as often as she liked. She probably wasn't even working on her mid-term. She was probably fucking roaming the halls or some shit.

After walking through most of the lot with my head down, I finally looked up and was shocked at what I saw. Bella was in the parking lot. She was opening the door of the large beast of a truck that I noticed pulling in on my first day here. Deciding I needed to go ahead and get this over with now, I called out to her.

"Bella!" I yelled out as I jogged over to her. She raised her head at my voice and didn't bother to hide the scowl on her face.

"Edward," she said curtly as she placed her bag in the passenger seat and turned back around to face me.

"You weren't in class today," I said as I stood with my hands in my pockets, rocking back on my heels.

"Yeah, I had something to take care of in the library," she said before turning to get in her truck. I reached out and grabbed her elbow to stop her and she turned quickly, glaring at me.

"Look, I just wanted to apologize to you for yesterday. I know I was a complete asshole, but I was doing it for your own good. Jasper told me that you were just trying to be nice, but you really don't have to be... not to me." She sighed and rolled her eyes at me.

"I don't want you to apologize to me just because Jasper asked you to," she said. God, this girl was going to be so fucking frustrating.

"I'm not doing it because he told me to! Look, I get it. I was an asshole to you and it was stupid. I'm sorry. That doesn't mean I want to be your friend though. Believe me, you don't wanna be by friend," I said, just as Alice and Jasper walked up to us.

"Everything okay here?" Jasper asked as he stepped away from Alice to stand beside Bella. She looked at him and rolled her eyes, but nodded. Alice nudged me with her elbow and motioned to Bella with her eyebrows. She begged me all night to not only apologize to Bella, but to also introduce them. She just knew they were going to be great friends.

"Bella, this is Alice, my sister. Alice, Bella," I said as Alice smiled brightly at her. Bella smiled shyly at her and stuck her hand out toward Alice, but my sister was having none of that. Alice stepped forward and pulled Bella into her arms, hugging her tightly. She locked her eyes with me over Alice's shoulder. They were wide and questioning, and I couldn't help but snicker a bit at her expression.

"We're gonna be great friends," Alice told her as she stepped away from Bella to stand beside Jasper. Jasper shook his head, but didn't bother saying anything. It seemed that in the short amount of time he knew Alice, he already knew when to keep his mouth shut around her. He might be around for a while.

"Oh! I have a great idea! You guys can all come over and hang out at our house Friday. You can bring Rose too. It'll be so much fun!" Alice said, excitedly. First off, I had no fucking clue who the hell Rose was, and I had no idea why Alice thought it would be a good idea to have all these people come over to our house. She knew I wasn't much for socializing. I needed to put a stop to this.

"Alice, I don't think..." I started but was interrupted as Alice began talking on her phone.

"Hi, Mom," she spoke. Thank God she was talking to Esme. I was sure Esme could talk some sense into her.

"I was thinking about inviting some friends over Friday night," she said, pausing to let Esme speak. I hated only hearing one side of this conversation.

"Yeah, just three," she said. Come on Esme. Don't fail me now.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Alice squealed into the phone, only seconds away from jumping up and down. Thank you Esme. Alice stuck her phone back in her pocket and smiled widely.

"She said it would be fine if you guys came over. She's gonna grab some snacks and stuff and rent a couple of movies," she said. Bella sighed and bit at her bottom lip.

"What time should we be there?" Jasper asked.

"What time do you think, Edward? Six should be okay, right?" Alice asked me as if I cared. I didn't give a fuck what time they came over because I wasn't going to be around. I'd be damned if they'd ruin my whole damn weekend.

"What the fuck ever, Alice. I don't give a damn," I groaned as I walked away.

A/N: I know a lot of you are hating Edward right now. Please remember that you don't know his story yet...just give him a little time. ;)

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